Some exciting news: the new-look Harlequin website has just gone live!

As I’m sure you will all agree, the new Harlequin website is a huge improvement on the previous site and we are delighted with the outcome. There are several new features to the site that will help to make your visit much more inspiring and will enable you to interact with our products. 

It’s particularly gratifying to be able to see flat shots of the vast majority of our products. Not only does it help you to clarify ideas, it enables you to see the entire repeat of the products in all its glory.

Our amazing lifestyle shots are still of key importance to us and are used throughout the site to help inspire you. We now have an Inspiration section where our room set images are categorised into Living rooms, Dining rooms, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Kids and Home Accessories. It’s hard not to get completely carried away with our collections; the only danger is that you could change your scheme every six months if you didn’t keep yourself (a little bit!) in check!

The all-singing and all-dancing feature is our scrapbook!!! It enables you to put all of your favorite fabrics, wallpapers and roomset images together to create your desired look. 

You can then save them to create your own personalised scrap book where they will be stored until you choose to create a new look!


    • Phil Mcilwaine on

    FAB new site

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